Are you planning to own a house in the waterfront? Are you interested in central Maine waterfront property for sale? You might want to enjoy the best views and also go for swimming, fishing, and water sports. But waterfront property comes with its own rules and regulations which you must be aware of before buying the waterfront property. Let’s see here three facts that you must know before buying the waterfront property.

  1. First of all, it is ideal to fix a realtor who is dealing in the sale of central Maine waterfront property for sale. For example, you might not want to buy a waterfront house which cannot be used for boating and swimming and all other things that you want to do. You must also know how far your property from the sea or lake is. How private is your property? You may not like to have a number of boats standing just outside your home and utilizing the water that you want to use. You must know about all these things before buying a property.

  1. Don’t just go by the looks of your home i.e., the enchanting view of the ocean or lake. If you don’t like home, then do go ahead and invest in it. You must also know about the local municipality’s rules as to build a boathouse, pier or dock. You cannot add a second story to your building as you have to go by the rules regarding making additions to your home. You cannot increase the height of your property or closer to the waterline. You should also know whether the bulkhead should be maintained by you and the cost involved in it. Hence, it is ideal to deal with an expert realtor in waterfront property when you are planning to buy the waterfront property.

  1. Check whether you have to take insurance for your property. Normally, for a central Maine waterfront property for sale, you might have to take additional insurance such as wind policy, a flood policy and a general hazard policy. You might also have to pay the Homeowner’s Association bills. In case, your property is in a rural area; you will have to pay for the electricity, clean water, and cable or internet for your property. So check before buying what all are the amenities available there. You should also know whether you have to maintain a septic system. Though your property might provide you with a great view of sunset, you should use your diligence to find out about your property and the amenities that come with it.

Thus, after checking everything, then only you should decide on the buying of waterfront property.