With almost 6,000 ponds and lakes, Maine is a great place to consider if you really want to buy that waterfront home you have always wanted. A lot of decision-making and research will be involved in choosing waterfront homes for sale in Southern Maine, as you will need to look up and verify factors like the quality of the land, the home, and any issues on the property. So, here are some tips to help you make the best choice:


  • Look for local experts – There are trustworthy and experienced specialists who can help you find the right lakefront property for sale in Southern Maine. Keep in mind that local laws require agents to provide the ‘Form #3 – The Real Estate Brokerage Relationship Form’. Consider an expert that has a proven track record of putting their client’s interests first, so they can help you negotiate the best terms and price. Use their search tools, which will let you find properties by map, according to your needs, or based on the general aspects you are seeking. They can accompany you for a guided tour on a specific property, too.


  • Find out as much as you can about the property – Verify its exact location and make sure it has been surveyed and registered. Get to know the property and the area’s histories, too, and talk to any neighbors about it. You should look up how much of the property can be used for your purposes, investigate all issues with access, learn about the utilities that are available to you, and what vegetation you can remove, in case you intend to further develop the lakefront property for sale in Southern Maine.


Get to know the water – Waterfront homes for sale in Southern Maine are subject to the natural environment, so take some time to know the property’s water level issues and the use restrictions for the water. It is best to know how different weather conditions and seasons affect the home, too.